Switching Is Easy

Switching to The Smart Accountants couldn’t be easier all you have to do is:

Step 1

Talk to us about switching to The Smart Accountants and agree on a date for the process to start. When you let your old accountant know, remember to give them permission to speak to us.

Step 2

We will contact your old accountant to get your existing information transferred, minimising the disruption to you and ensuring we can provide you with an uninterrupted service.

Step 3

We undertake our ‘Know Your Client’ processes so we are complying with the Anti Money Laundering regulations.

Step 4

The final step is for us to register as your agents enabling us to correspond with HMRC and make your necessary submissions.

If you are new to all this we might ask for your accounts information such as bank statements and copies of receipts.

Jez heads up development of the cloud accounting service and is Xero Certified. The way he helps businesses is by understanding their systems and processes and aligning those with their business and personal goals.
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