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Automating Your Finance Function

Technology is one of the key pillars of our service and we’re always looking at how we can make your life easier by leaning on market-leading technology solutions to help automate your finance function. 

Usually, the core of this app stack will be Xero and then further apps can support with areas like cashflow, expenses, inventory & project management and management reporting, but we’ll always tailor our recommendations to your business and the problems that you’re facing. 

Whilst we work with many more that are industry specific, some of the apps that are common in our app stack for clients include:


Invoices not getting paid on time can have a huge impact on your cash flow, but unfortunately credit control can be a time-consuming and manual process. 

However, at its core, Chaser helps by integrating with your accounting software and tracking your debtors and automatically chasing up these invoices and collecting late payments.

Further to this, it also provides credit score insights that help you when deciding to grant credit and allows personalisation to retain the human touch to any credit control.


The less time a finance team spends on manual data entry, the more time they can spend on value-add tasks. 

Dext Prepare helps with this by providing an easy and speedy way to capture financial documents such as receipts and invoices, extract the data and automatically publish this to the correct place in your accounting system.

Dext also has Dext Precision, this product helps us ensure the data in your accounting system is accurate, so we know any reports it produces are reliable.


For growing businesses, it’s vital that they keep their finger on the pulse and see regular management reporting, forecasts and financial insights. 

For this, we’ll use Fathom which can integrate with your accounting system which will pull their financial data and allow us to build out management reporting packs and forecasts.

Fathom allows the flexibility to tailor these reports greatly, with budgets, scenario planning, bespoke KPI’s and the ability to pull in non-financial KPI’s.


As a business, you’ll want it as easy as possible to collect payments. If it isn’t easy for customers to pay, you could lose sales altogether or be relying on your credit control process to get payments in and ultimately your cashflow will suffer.

GoCardless makes it easy to collect recurring payments and to collect invoice payments. For invoice payments, once you’ve set up a customer, you can easily collect and reconcile their payments automatically. For recurring subscription payments, you can easily create payment plans and accept direct debit payments on your website or by sending a secure link.

GoCardless can integrate with your accounting software, making it easy to reconcile any of the payments received.


Koinly is a crypto tax report software that we use to help clients easily link their wallets and exchanges to track their crypto assets and transactions and importantly, the taxes associated with them. Crypto tax is ever-evolving, but alongside our ongoing expert advice, Koinly can make this less complicated.


Stripe, like GoCardless, is a payment solution. However, whereas GoCardless is great for regular payments and ongoing customers, it isn’t great for instant transactions, like the ones that e-commerce businesses need.

As a result, plenty of clients that accept payments on their website will use Stripe for their optimised checkout and payment function that reduces friction and supports many global payment methods.

Stripe also has plenty of other products like in-person payments, and like most of our recommended apps, it will integrate with your accountancy software.

Workflow Max

If you work on projects for your clients, you’ll want effective project management software to help manage, track and report on every job. Without this, it’ll be difficult to track your costs against budgets and track your performance and profitability. 

Workflow Max has job management, time tracking, lead management, job costing, quoting and Xero integration to ensure real time reconciliation.


For businesses that sell goods, they’ll know how important inventory management is. Without effective software, this can be very manual and you’ll likely not have a good grasp on the stock levels across your product line.

Vend helps you manage your inventory from your ePOS, back-office or even on-the-go. It can also do much more, like reordering stock once it falls below a set limit or making it easier to do stock counts with Vend’s Scanner app.


Whilst we work with many alternatives, Xero is usually at the core of our clients finance function. Xero is online accounting software that provides all the time-saving tools and analysis that you need to run your business. 

In Xero, you’ll be able to set up live bank feeds, claim expenses, send invoices, file VAT returns, manage contacts and much, much more.

The Next Steps

If you would like to discuss how we can use technology to help automate and improve your finance function, please get in touch and one of our experts will be able to discuss this with you.

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