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Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow forecasting and scenario planning can help you navigate your company’s future for present-day decision-making. Our expert outsourcing team, along with market-leading technology, are here to help.

Looking to the future

Rather than just looking at prior performance, forward thinking companies will look to do forecasting into the future too with cash flow forecasts. In simplistic terms, a cash flow forecast is a projection of the total money you anticipate your company will be paid and will have to pay out over a future period of time. 

For many early stage companies, without this, it’s difficult to understand their cash runway and critically, when they’ll run out of money so they can navigate accordingly. For larger businesses, this also helps them plan ahead and understand when would be a good time to expand or make significant investments or if they need to spend more cautiously.

How we can help

These forecasts will take into account many variables such as performance to date, budget allocation for the year ahead, market conditions etc. and detail out a company’s future cash position. Our specialist outsourcing team are experienced with providing forecasts for businesses of varying sizes across various different industries, the different ways we can support with forecasting include:

  • Supporting our clients with one-off forecasts for the year ahead for them to track their actuals vs this

  • Preparing a forecast for the year ahead, but re-run this on a one month rolling basis for increased accuracy for the months ahead

  • Supporting with scenario planning, whether this is different forecasts based on different market conditions or to support with decision-making e.g. making a new hire or investment. This will help you see the impact that different scenarios can have across your profit and loss

db sharp & sons limited

“The team have helped us grow and become more professional. Dave has been invaluable in advising us. He has helped our accounts team so much and they now absolutely love Xero!”

David Sharp, D.B. Sharp and Sons Limited

“Stock taking was a nightmare and we kept everything on spreadsheets until we spoke to the team. Switching over to Xero was an easy process.”

Mick Ginn, Macron Store Hertfordshire

“One of my previous headaches was always the absence of reliable management information and that often consumed my time unnecessarily. Since working with the team, they have implemented new systems, enhanced existing systems and they provide information on a monthly basis which is accurate and clearly communicated. This allows me to spend time doing what I should be doing.

Combine that with their sector expertise, knowledge and professionalism we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.”

Sheldon Paule, Cameron Kennedy

“We’ve always found the team to be responsive, helpful, and proactive in suggesting ways for us to improve our processes. In particular, we have been happy with the move from Sage to Xero, which has made our lives much easier as we grow our business.”

Jack Waley-Cohen, what3words
total negotiation group

“As our accountants and advisors, the Smart Accountants have always been on hand to support our business but recently they helped the sale of our business to an Employee Ownership Trust. Ultimately this transaction helped us with obtaining a fair price for the business, ensuring long-term succession, and rewarding our employees. The team supported us from the very initial advice and planning stage right through to the implementation and were on hand to offer their expertise throughout.”

Mark Cranstoun, Total Negotiation Group

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The Next Steps

If you’d like further information or to discuss cash flow forecasts and how they can help your business, please get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to talk to you. 

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