QuickBooks: Cloud Software

Quickbooks is one of the names that is synonymous with cloud accounting and one that most small business owners have heard.

The other main ones are Sage One and Xero. Quickbooks, like these other two online accounting systems, enables small business owners, self-employed people and accountants to save a whole lot of time and effort when it comes to keeping accounts in order. A way of working that is a million miles away from desktop spreadsheets and mountains of paper, if you’re not familiar with it, cloud accounting really is worth checking out.




On the Quickbooks website, you’ll see that they quote themselves as “The world’s number 1 accounting software”. They also make it clear that they have 2+ million subscribers and are the “Highest rated mobile app for accounting software with 4.5 stars”. These are big features and for many people are enough to stop them in their tracks and sign up for Quickbooks. For many, this will be the right decision but, as we consider ourselves Xero accountants, at The Smart Accountants we think it’s a shame not to look any further before making your final decision.

For small businesses, Quickbooks offers two different packages. The basic package is called Essentials and the more sophisticated package is called Plus. Both offer online, 24/7 management of your finances no matter where you are, no matter which device you’re using. Their basic package is ideal for keeping your accounts in order, knowing exactly how your business is performing and staying on top of expenses and outstanding payments. The more advanced package offers more sophisticated features such as the creation of budgets and purchase orders as well as managing stock and tracking costs by project, location or budget.

Like their competitors, Quickbooks have all the standard features you’d expect from a cloud accounting package such as:

24/7 online access

As with all the other cloud accounting options, Quickbooks means that you can have access to your up to date accounts around the clock and across the globe. Even if you have collaborators who are working on your accounts while you’re at a conference on the other side of the world, no matter the time zone, you’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse.

Ability to share your QuickBooks data with colleagues and professional advisors

No matter how small your business, the likelihood is that you have collaborators when it comes to your accounting. It may be that it’s just you and your accountant that work on the financial control and management of your business, or it could be that you have employees who are inputting their own expenses. Either way, with the likes of Quickbooks you can give access to the people you want to be able to input into your accounting system to make your life easier.

A friendly and stress-free onboarding process

Like Sage One and Xero, Quickbooks is known for looking after newcomers and makes your onboarding process pain-free.

Compliance peace of mind

 No matter which cloud accounting package you choose from the major players, you can be sure that they have their compliance act together. What this means is that you can work with confidence, knowing that you’re working with the most up to date information to hand. After flexibility and convenience, this is arguably one of the biggest advantages over using spreadsheets for your accounting.

Safety and security built in

Secure servers and encryption are at the core of the systems used by the likes of Quickbooks, Sage One and Xero. This means that you can work with complete peace of mind in the knowledge that your data is being handled with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Good support

Quickbooks provide quality support because they know that when customers are working remotely they need the peace of mind of knowing that there’s someone there for them if they need help. Quickbooks is reputed for having a high level of customer support, so if you choose their option, you shouldn’t ever feel left out in the cold.

So what is it about Xero that makes us think that you should choose it over Quickbooks? At The Smart Accountant, we’re big fans of Xero for these reasons:

  • It has more or less all the same features as Quickbooks Online and Sage One, but it is renowned for being beautiful. Yes, beautiful. Beautiful is a strange word to use when it comes to accounting software, but Xero has invested above and beyond the norm to make their package aesthetically pleasing. So if you’re like many small business owners and don’t exactly relish the task of doing your accounts, then we believe Xero will make the task a whole lot more pleasant for you.
  • Add to this the superb customer support they offer, the fact that Xero can be set up to work in perfect harmony with more than 1000 apps to make your life even easier, that it’s capable of dealing with 160 global currencies and boasts 99.9% uptime and you’ll start to see things the way we do.
  • But more than all that, combining Xero and the power of the team at The Smart Accountants is what makes this duo so great.

Why not test us out for yourself? If you’re debating over which software to use and which accounting company to link up with, why not get in touch? We think you’ll be surprised at the warm welcome that awaits you from our team that speaks your language and are keen to help make your accounting journey as simple and pain-free as possible.

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