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Often, tech businesses will start with just an idea, but it can take a long time before that idea develops into a product that can attract a user base and generate revenue. This can become especially difficult when the startup is bootstrapped and has the added challenge of raising external funds to provide a cash runway to take the business to the point of delivering their MVP.

However, we’re experienced with supporting tech startups and understand the common hurdles that they face, which goes well beyond just filing their annual accounts. That’s why we don’t want you to see us just as your accountants, we want you to see us as an extension of your business and trusted partners that you can lean on to ask questions and get advice from.

We can support you at the very earliest stage with incorporating your company, registering you for the relevant taxes and completing your shareholder agreement. We’re cloud-accounting experts so we can implement technology that will help you run your company, from bookkeeping and receipt scanning to automating credit control. You can rely on us to give you a personal service that provides solid foundations to establish your start up and help you grow.

Once you have an established MVP and user base, you’ll likely have ambitious plans to scale your operation. We’re experienced in helping high growth tech companies to scale.

Just some of the areas we can support with include:

  • Removing administrative burden – if your company is scaling, you don’t want admin and inefficient processes to be holding you back. That’s why you can outsource areas of your finance function like bookkeeping and payroll to our outsourcing team who will take care of this for you all under one roof. As you grow, we simply scale with you.
  • Providing clear management information – Stakeholders will need clear management information to be able to make informed and data-led decisions that allow for further growth. That’s why we can provide useful and timely management information such as cash flow forecasts and management accounts, so you always know how your company is performing and what your runway looks like.
  • Making your company attractive to investors – We can support with EIS or SEIS applications that would provide tax relief to potential investors into your company, making it far more attractive in any raises you have planned.
  • Getting you tax relief to help add fuel to your runway – Tech companies by nature are innovative and many of this innovation allows them to claim tax relief on their research & development expenditure. We work with R&D experts Easy R&D to help claim back this tax relief for you.

If you’re looking for an accountant to support you whilst you grow, get in touch.

Once your product, service and user base are established, it doesn’t mean it is plain sailing. A bigger operation to oversee, more stakeholders and often complex processes can mean that having the right accounting team in your corner is crucial. There’s a lot more to think about from retaining key staff, providing assurances to investors, international expansion all the way to exit planning.

We can support established tech companies with areas such as the below:

  • Audit and assurance reviews
  • Business valuations
  • Finance transformations or outsourced CFO services
  • Board reporting
  • Management buy outs
  • Employee ownership trusts
  • Long term incentive plans such as Employee Management Incentive (EMI) schemes
  • International expansion
  • Exit planning

If you feel you’ve outgrown your current accountant, switching to us is easy.


We understand the unique issues and requirements of the technology sector

Meet our tech sector experts:

James Foster

James Foster

James is our Head of Tech & OMB Strategy and is a qualified ACCA Chartered Accountant.

James has spent over 8 years within the accountancy industry, but has taken up many different responsibilities in that time giving him experience in commercial, marketing and technology focussed roles. 
In his current role as Head of Strategy for our Tech and OMB divisions, he enjoys getting to know potential new clients and understanding the problems they face and discussing how we can help solve them.

Outside of the office, James likes to keep active by playing football and has more recently taken up playing golf (albeit very badly!). 

Dave is a partner at UHY and holds the role of Managing Director across Letchworth, Cambridge and Huntingdon. He also advises a portfolio of corporate clients, with particular specialisms in Tech & High Growth and Construction, including professionals such as architects.

Dave considers himself an advisor first and accountant second. With over 15 years of experience in practice, as well as previously having worked industry and the insolvency sector, Dave has a blended level of commerciality and business experience. He applies that by investing time with his clients to get to know them and their business, to understand their vision, their key drivers and their goals. In doing so, Dave is often able to identify solutions to their problems - sometimes ones that they didn't know they had!

Dave has been a long-suffering Tottenham season ticket holder for 23 years and is a very keen golfer. Beyond that, he has a love affair with pizza.

Sam Robson

Sam Robson

Sam Robson is an OMB Supervisor at UHY Hacker Young and is part of the Tech and High Growth team which specialises in offering accounting services to owner managed businesses from technological and high growth backgrounds.

Sam is ACCA qualified and enjoys the exciting pace of the tech industry. Building strong and trusting client relationships is incredibly important to Sam, whilst also ensuring all compliance needs are met in a timely manner.

When he hasn’t got his head in a spreadsheet, Sam can most likely be found watching football and is supporter of Tottenham Hotspur FC. He also loves to travel and is always seeking new places to explore.

Our services include:

  • Company incorporation & tax registrations

  • Statutory accounts and corporate tax

  • Tax planning

  • Personal tax

  • Company secretarial services

  • Real-time bookkeeping

  • VAT returns

  • Management accounts & reporting

  • Payroll, pensions & P11D’s

  • R&D tax credits

  • Share option schemes

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Business Restructuring

  • Exit and succession planning

  • Business valuations

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Corporate finance

  • National and international expansion

What our clients say:

“The open, friendly and genuinely interested approach of all staff was highly motivating for the business founders, who subsequently raised just over £1m in their seed round.

They have been supporting us through all stages of the start-up journey and we are excited to see what the future holds”

Dr. Juergen Fink – OBRIZUM Group

“This is our second year with them and we are very satisfied. As a start-up we appreciate the high touch service without the high price.

The entire team is pro-active to all of our requests (notably around Payroll and Pensions) and our account manager has shown a genuine interest in our business. We hope to become a larger client for them in the future.”

Paul Balogh - Learn Forward

“We've always found the team to be responsive, helpful, and proactive in suggesting ways for us to improve our processes.

In particular, we have been happy with the move from Sage to Xero, which has made our lives much easier as we scale the company.”

Jack Waley-Cohen – what3words

We work with a wide variety of tech companies across the entire industry and we can call on this experience to support your tech company. We’re not limited to these, but below are some of the examples of sub-sectors that our tech clients work across:


There has been a shift in recent years from high-street to online shopping and e-commerce is predicted to remain strong in a post-pandemic world. Better technology and SaaS platforms that enable businesses to sell, distribute and process payments for their products online have made it easier for startups to enter the e-commerce space. However, it’s also important that e-commerce businesses have a reliable accountancy and finance function, whether in-house or external, that not only keeps them compliant but also helps drive the company forward.

Our experience in e-commerce allows us to use and advise you on cloud-accounting software, integrations and outsourcing options that allow you to operate efficiently and scale up. We’re able to provide timely management information that keeps you informed on your business performance and we can use our expertise to highlight financial KPI’s that are pertinent for e-commerce businesses such as your average order value. We’re always just a phone call away should you need to speak to us.

Edtech: Education & Technology

Traditionally, education was delivered by paper textbooks in face-to-face classrooms and seminars. Today, due to digitalisation and then accelerated by the pandemic, people can receive forms of education wherever they are. The tech-enabled, online model that isn’t confined to the dimensions of a classroom allows for education to be offered at scale, often without sacrificing the level of interaction from students. Due to this, Edtech is a growing space within the UK economy and one that we’re proud to support through our clients.

We have experience working with both Edtech & SaaS companies, so we can offer a level of support dependent on what stage your business is at. Whether you’re an early stage startup looking to offer a Freemium model to build a customer base or an established company focusing on user retention. We can take care of your basic compliance needs or we can offer a fully outsourced finance function and other value-add services dependent on your requirements. Just as you look to unlock potential with your users, we’ll look to unlock the potential of your business.

Fintech: Finance & Technology

Fintech was previously a sub-sector reserved for larger institutional finance organisations due to the technological, financial and regulatory barriers to enter. Fast-forward to today and this sector is a hotbed for new start-ups and an area of interest for many investors willing to help fund startups getting beyond these barriers to entry. Many startups are using technology to innovate payments, lending or other financial tools and processes.

Whether this is the compliance work of preparing your annual accounts, the day-to-day work of bookkeeping and payroll or value add work such as claiming R&D relief or retaining key staff through share incentive schemes, we’re here to help our fintech clients grow their business.

Foodtech: Food & Technology

Technology has been a driving force in innovation and responding to evolving consumer trends within the food industry such as the increased demand for home deliveries, more ethical foods and alternative/substitute ingredients. Technological advances have ranged from consumer apps offering meal kits and subscriptions from restaurants to smart appliances and the Internet of Things (IoT) improving kitchen technology all the way to blockchain being used in supply chains.

If you’re a start up or growing foodtech business, we have the experience and expertise to support your business as it grows. We understand the sector and can provide a range of accountancy services to help you navigate it, from the essential compliance services to outsourcing and value-add services, we can help you flourish.

Insurtech: Insurance & Technology

Digitisation in the insurance industry is a growing trend due to evolving consumer demands. Where some larger incumbent insurance companies are slower to adopt technology, it has provided opportunities to smaller but more agile start-ups that utilise automation, cloud computing, big data and AI to provide value and offer support to consumers.

We have experience in working with start-ups in the Insurtech space and have supported them along their journey. Where our insurtech clients utilise technology and changing consumer trends, we ensure they also utilise other opportunities like tax planning, R&D claims and share incentive schemes as well as taking care of all the compliance work. Regardless of how far along you are, get in touch to discuss your business objectives and we can talk about how we can support you.

Legaltech: Legal & Technology

Technology is playing a huge part on the evolution of the legal industry, ranging from AI driven software that scans case law to using smart contracts stored on a blockchain. Many legal tasks can be complex and time consuming, but the space where legal services and tech overlap, may help transform and simplify these whilst still mitigating risk and retaining the foundational trust and integrity required.

As well as working with traditional solicitors and law firms, our tech teams can also support tech companies working within this space, giving us a solid understanding of how companies in the sectors operate. We’ll take time to understand your business and advise on the services that we can provide to support you.

Medtech: Medical & Technology

Medical and health technology are growing industries and there are many innovative companies in the UK utilising tech such as AI, wearable tech and machine learning for medical, science and health advancements. However, high regulation and testing requirements can often mean these companies take time before a product or service can be delivered and a revenue can be recognised, so it can be a difficult space to operate in. Therefore, having an accountant that understands the common pitfalls and issues you may face is very valuable.   

Having a presence in Cambridge, one of the UK’s medical technology hubs, we have built up an expertise in supporting medtech companies. From the more embryonic companies relying on grants to fund them through their discovery phase through to companies with an established product to distribute, we can support you along the way as your accounting partner. We understand the common schemes that will support you, from claiming R&D relief to using schemes to retain key staff or making your company more attractive to investors.

SaaS: Software-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is no longer emerging technology thanks to its rapid growth over the last 20 years establishing it as the norm for selling software, where today having to download software can feel like a relic for consumers. Many SaaS businesses have managed to scale their subscriptions rapidly through acquisition models such as freemium models, free trials, demos and referral schemes, making it an attractive space for high-growth startups.

As a SaaS company, you can be confident that we share the same values in using cloud-based software. We’ll use the best cloud-based accounting software and integrations to make your accounting and finance processes as automated and efficient as possible. This will always allow you to have access to real-time management information, which coupled with our personal expertise and advice on important SaaS KPI’s such as subscription churn and LTV, allows you to better understand your business performance and forecast your future runway.

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