Helping you accelerate your business success

Most small business owners who’ve already started their journey, admit to being shocked from time to time about how different the reality of running a business is compared to the dream they had before.

No matter how hard you prepare yourself for the reality of running a business, late nights spent doing bookkeeping and trying to figure out how to get more clients isn’t necessarily what you had imagined self-employed life to be like. But there’s a whole lot more to running a business than most people imagine before they start. That’s why at The Smart Accountants we like to do all we can to make your journey to success easier and more straightforward.


Less accounting/more clients

In our experience, the 2 things that most small business owners commonly wish for is less accounting and a steady stream of the right clients.

At The Smart Accountants, we like to deliver above and beyond what you’d normally expect from an accountant. And that’s why we consistently aim to do whatever we can to help you achieve success. This is why we produced our Starting in Business guide,. This guide really does help you plan your business journey step-by-step and is proving a bit hit with those people who’ve already downloaded it.

And when it comes to helping you get more of the right clients, we’ve partnered up with an online communication expert, Suzie Larcombe. We’ve done this because we know that getting your online message right is a great way to get more clients, but it’s a real challenge for most business owners and startups.

Over the last 11 years, Suzie has helped 100s of small businesses and startups reach out more effectively to 1000s of clients, generating 1,000,000s of sales. And she’s now created an online Message Making Kit which you can access via The Smart Accountant here for FREE.

Working together to help accelerate your success

Suzie has invested the past 3 years creating tools to help SMEs and startups communicate more effectively with their buyers so they can sell more.

In her experience small business and startup owners generally have a great product or service, a sound business model and a network they can call upon when they need help. They also know (more or less) who their buyers are as well as where they hang out. Most have also validated their business by asking real people if they’d pay money for the solution they provide.

But in Suzie’s experience, they miss out on huge lead generation and sales opportunities by not getting to know their buyers better so they can communicate more clearly and convincingly with them.

The importance of getting your online message right

When asked about new business owners’ route to market, Suzie says that people she works with aren’t afraid to invest in their website and typically go to great lengths to have a site that looks great and functions correctly. While she isn’t arguing that this is money wasted, what she finds a real shame is that those same people leave the content of their website to the last minute and when they get around to it, don’t invest as much as they should in getting it right.

Suzie says for her, “in the ideal world, you should place equal importance on your website looking good and speaking the same language as your buyers”.

While she accepts that we’re not all wordsmiths, she says it’s easy to get your message right if you have the right guidance and invest a little bit of time. This is why she’s on a one-woman crusade to provide FREE help to as many SMEs and startups as she can. Her aim is to help people like you sell more and her starting point is helping you get a great headline message. And you can get access to that help here and now.

Get your FREE Kit plus lots of other Tools, Tips and Tricks

Suzie’s online Message Making Kit comes to you for FREE and gives you all the steps you need to create a great headline message in only 15 minutes. What’s more, Suzie will also share lots of other Tools, Tips and Tricks to accelerate your success if you start your message-making journey with her today.

At The Smart Accountants, we’ve worked with Suzie for years and we know that her method works, so why not give it a go for yourself?

Download your FREE Sales Message Kit right here, right now. You could have a great headline message a whole lot sooner than you imagine.

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