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10 smart moves to reduce the time you spend on accounting

smart moves

Accounting is a huge bugbear for most small business owners. Already challenged with all the things they need to do to make sure that existing customer demands are satisfied, that there are sufficient new customers in the pipeline, they often find themselves leaving accounting to the last minute. For many people, before they set up…

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Smart accounting means more customers

Smart accounting from The Smart Accountants

For anyone setting up or running a small business, having a steady stream of customers or clients is what makes the difference between survival and real success. But prospecting for clients, customers, buyers, call them what you will, takes time and focus. And sometimes time is a real issue for small business owners. It’s all…

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Faster VAT filing with Xero

VAT is the bane of many small and medium sized business owners lives. A tax that has recently celebrated its 40th birthday, VAT was introduced as a simple affair and has, over the years become increasingly complicated for business owners.  Meeting your VAT obligations includes demonstrating that your VAT records are complete and up to…

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Using online invoicing to improve cashflow

online invoicing

Invoicing, by it’s very nature is one of the most important elements of any successful business. No matter how good your products or services, no matter how strong your sales team, if your invoices aren’t issued timeously and accurately, as well as being paid on time, all your efforts could be wasted. Invoicing, by it’s…

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10 great reasons to choose Xero

An online accounting software solution that brands itself simply as “Beautiful accounting software”, Xero is currently taking the market by storm. Offering pretty much the full gambit of solutions required by any small or medium sized business, it’s easy to see what makes Xero so attractive. When it comes to accounting software, Xero software has…

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Why SMEs are choosing outsourced accounting

outsourced accounting

Irrespective of whether you run a one-man, or one-woman band, or a medium sized enterprise, accounting is a fact of life and outsourced accounting needs to be seriously considered. No matter whether you do your accounts through obligation, or because you want to keep your finger firmly on the financial pulse of your business, having…

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Moving to online accounts

online accounts

At The Smart Accountants, we understand that online accounts may seem like a completely alien idea at first. However, like everything else you now take for granted online, it will soon become one of your normal business activities once you decide to give it a go. 24/7 access to all your accounting information With more…

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Setting your payment terms

online accounting

There’s no getting away from the fact that getting paid on time is an essential part of any successful and smooth-running business. In the current economic climate, keeping cashflow in order and following up religiously on late payments, for many businesses is proving to be a big part of their day-to-day responsibilities. That said, during…

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