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Businesses are entitled to claim research and development (R&D) tax credits through the government’s valuable R&D tax credits scheme. Up to 33% of R&D spending can be claimed. Easy R&D has a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to produce robust R&D claims that withstand investigation and deliver maximum return. Averaging £54,000 per claim, Easy R&D can find eligible R&D activity embedded in the daily goings-on of a business. HMRC will even pay out on unsuccessful projects. This is a good tax. Who would’ve thought it?


What is R&D?

By Easy R&D | 2nd March 2022

Research and development is generally well understood as a concept. Yet, it’s somewhat misleading to label the UK’s tax relief scheme as ‘R&D’ tax relief, as many incorrectly think it only applies to research-specific companies. In reality, it’s a tax relief to incentivise innovation by companies in any sector. This common misconception means many believe…